Theodor Herzl

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In 1896 Theodor Herzl published a book called "Der Judenstaat" (in English: The Jewish State).
In his book he proposed a flag for the state with seven golden stars on a white field: "The white field signifies our new, pure life; the stars are the seven golden hours of our working day."
The seven stars in Herzl's proposal should be in two rows, 4 and 3.
Herzliya [32'10 (N), 34'48' (E)] in the SW Sharon area, just north of Tel-Aviv, is named after Benyamin Ze'ev (a.k.a. Theodor) Herzl and was established in 1924 by seven pioneering families and today its population numbers100.000.
Herzliya's official symbol includes Herzl's seven stars (seven hours of work a day), two olive branches (the branches of the agriculture), sail boat (situated by the shore) and cogwheel (industry).
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