reviews of guests in our unit APT5 in Tel Aviv, 2 bedrooms

Published on by sophie2002il

4346888878_768e99389a.jpgYou have stayed in one of our apartment. You are now home and have time to write us a message... Please let a message in our guestbook.  Thanks, Sophie 





The apartment we have rented, located on 30th floor and the view was amazing. You could live your life and never see view like this. Moreover the apartment itself is clean and luxury furnitured. You cannot compare this apartment to any hotel even to 5 stars hotel. All hotels including 5 stars hotels have very small rooms and they are not always clean as they are supposed to according to money you pay for them. We have showed this apartment to our friend, who paid $2000 for a 5 stars hotel room and complained about the service the hotel have provided to them and the room was very small and our friend was amazed of the apartment as well. We are glad we could find this apartment and would like to rent it again whenever we are back in Israel.
Thank you very much.    [APT5]   
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