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You are planning your weeding in Israel:  marriage, or the bar mitsvah of your son.

Mazal Tov, Mazal Tova, Mazal Tov.


You invite your family from all the part of the world to enjoy with you in Israel, from Canada, USA, UK, mexico, France,...


It is nice to find to your family or to propose to them  lodging in Israel too. it will help them to plan their trip for your wedding event.



I propose accommodation  for up to  24 persons  in 3 or 4 spacious apartments located in the same  luxury residence in the CENTER of Israel, in the marina of Herzliya. It is near the beach. So it is not only accommodation for your guests, it is a place for israel holidays vacation. There is pool, beach, tennis, sport in the a prestigious marina in the center of Israel at 12 km to Tel Aviv, 45 km to Jerusalem, 55km to haifa.  The apartments are fully furnished with equipped kitchen too.


Let suggest to your family to contact me to get beautiful and fully furnished apartments in Israel, for the whole family at affordable rate. Bedding par apartment is up to 7 or 8.

affordable rate, means that you will get an apartment of 3 or 4 rooms in luxury place of 4* (for 7 peole) , at same rate of one room of a hotel, of same category.



Your family will be grouped, and will share together great moments, during YOUR WEDDING.


You welcome,



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