check in policy at your arrival in our holidays apartment in Okeanos ba'marina in Herzliya

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..., keys  will be let at your name to the concierge in the lobby of the residence. The concierge is here 24h.

Please ask for keys of ........................




The residence name is OKEANOS BA MARINA, located in the marina of Herzliya pituach
the address is : ha-shunit 10, Herzliya
it is a high building (13 floors) 

direction to arrive here.

underground parking of the residence.

first parking at your right side, when you are in the Hashunit street in direction of Okeanosbamarina. On the door of the parking, it is written 4.

You need remote pass to open parking doors; this remote pass is attached with the keys of the apartment.
There is a lift from the parking (level -1) to the lobby (level 0).

You will find several carts in the parking, you can detached one using the special key (attached with the keys of the apartment).

Please don't forget to take back your numbered key (and attached it with the key of the apartment), when you put back the cart in its originally place.

Please don't enter cart into the apartment.


you will pay the remaining fees when you are into the apartment.

Please remember that I don't accept cheque......

Contact phones:
Sophie: 0544 286 202



Air conditioning:
- there are 2 A/C centrals into the apartment: one for the living area and one for the bedrooms.

- don't forget to close windows when you use it

- please shut down air conditioning when you are not at home. As you remember electricity is included in the rate, please use as necessary but without mess.


Hot water:

.....: it is an electric boiler and it is automatic

Towels and bed sheets:

There are towels and bed sheets


Washing/ drying mashine:

 with coins (of 5 nis ) (at several floors, 4 , 6, 7, 8, 10 ,12);

changement of coins near the lobby (mashine).

Don't forget to buy laundry soap in grocery.


Internet wifi

there is a wifi network in the apartment......................


please STORE / REMEMBER/  SAVE this key in your computer;

like that you can use it at your arrival.




At each floor, there is special room for garbage disposal


Recycling Garbage:

In the parking entrance of Level 0, you will find several recycling garbage for plastic, paper, glass..... 


Swimming pool:

the swimming pool is  not accessible during the winter season



There is a tennis court that you can use it when you want (free). You just need to reserve  the planning hours in the lobby.

Don't forget to bringk with you your rackets.



2 separated saunas, located in the bathrooms of the swimming pool/healthclub area.

You need to put on 10 mn before to hot it.


Health club:

check their opening hours at your arrival


- very large "stop market", 24/24 7/7, in the ARENA MALL; it is at floor 1. this stop market is not only kosher


- very large "super deal", Kosher, HAMENOFIM street , 3 mn by auto

- Teva, organic, HAMENOFIM street , 3 mn by auto
Driving Directions
Link: <,+Herzliya,+Israel&daddr=Hamenofim,+Herzliya,+Israel&hl=en&geocode=&mra=ls&sll=32.160591,34.807777&sspn=0.003233,0.004667&ie=UTF8&z=15&dirflg=d>


Don't hesitate if you have any question.

Have a safe  and nice fly


You welcome,